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Technical Documents

Installation Documents

ServicePRO Desktop Setup User Guide:  PDF

In-Browser Pre-requisites GPO Deployment User Guide : PDF

ServicePRO Window/AD Password Reset Component Setup - User Guide: PDF

If you are running on 14.2.2 or earlier version of ServicePRO or using the Legacy Password Reset Component, you must uninstall the Legacy Password Reset Utility before updating to the newest version of Password Reset Utility.

Please read the Password Reset Utility Guide for more information: PDF

Technical Specifications

ServicePRO: PDF
ServicePRO Web Technical Specs: PDF
HelpSTAR 2012: PDF

ServicePRO Web Documentation

Fast Mode: PDF
Accessibility Documentation: PDF
ServicePRO Web Accessibility Conformance Report: PDF
Login Integration for Webpages: PDF
AD Pass-through Authentication: PDF

ServicePRO ADFS Authentication Configuration and Server Setup

ADFS Authentication and Configuration Documentation: PDF
ADFS Server Setup Documentation: PDF

ServicePRO Angular Rewrite Release Notes

October 2023 Alpha Release: PDF

March 2023 Preview Release: PDF

Beta Release – Coming Soon
Production Release – Followed by the Beta Release

Release Notes

September 2023 Maintenance Release: PDF

December 2022 Maintenance Release: PDF
August 2021 Maintenance Release: PDF
November 2020 Maintenance Release: PDF
July 2020 Maintenance Release: PDF
January 2020 Maintenance Release: PDF
December 2018 Maintenance Release: PDF
June 2018 Maintenance Release: PDF
November 2017 Maintenance Release: PDF
August 2017 Maintenance Release: PDF
January 2017 Maintenance Release: PDF
October 2016 Maintenance Release: PDF
April 2016 Maintenance Release: PDF
November 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
September 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
August 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
July 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
May 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
April 2015 Maintenance Release: PDF
December 2014 Maintenance Release: PDF

Feature Request Notes

September 2023 Feature Release Notes: PDF

August 2021 Feature Release Notes: PDF
July 2020 Feature Release Notes: PDF
January 2020 Feature Release Notes: PDF
December 2018 Feature Release Notes: PDF
June 2018 Feature Release Notes: PDF
August 2017 Feature Release Notes: PDF
October 2016 Feature Release Notes: PDF
April 2016 Feature Release Notes: PDF
November 2015 Feature Release Notes: PDF
July 2015 Feature Request Notes: PDF

HelpSTAR VS ServicePRO Changelog

Changelog - Last updated July 2016: PDF

Misc. Documents

ServicePRO Features: PDF
ServicePRO OneLogin Integration User Guide: PDF

ServicePRO GDPR Compliance

ServicePRO GDPR Compliance Documentation: PDF

ServicePRO Mobile

(Available in ServicePRO version 14.2.16 or higher)

ServicePRO Mobile User Guide: PDF

ServicePRO Web API

ServicePRO Web API User Guide: PDF
ServicePRO Web API Installer
  • ServicePRO-WebAPI - File Directory
    • Download SPWebAPISetup.exe and place it in your ServicePRO Install folder default location at C:\HelpSTAR\HLPSTRCS\INSTALL\.
    • Execute the installer and follow the instructions to install the ServicePRO API

NOTE: ServicePRO WebAPI is only available for release version or later.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

ServicePRO Software Development Kit (SDK) - Getting Started

Setting up OAuth 2.0 in Gmail

Instructions to set Gmail for OAUTH2 for Business accounts: PDF