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This utility allows a ServicePRO Administrator to shut down ServicePRO. When the shutdown is initiated, users will be given a warning that they will be logged off of ServicePRO within nine minutes, allowing them time to save their work.

When the nine minutes has elapsed, users will be automatically logged off if they haven’t already done so. The ServicePRO shutdown can be cancelled any time within the nine-minute warning period.

Using the Shutdown Utility

  1. From the Administration tab, go to the Maintenance task group and click on the Shutdown icon.
  2. ServicePRO will display a confirmation dialog box asking: “Are you sure that you want to shut down ServicePRO?”
  3. If you are ready to initiate this utility, click on the Yes icon.
  4. For all users logged into ServicePRO, the following warning flashes at the top of the ServicePRO Today Page to warn them that the system is shutting down and that they should log off.
  5. On the Setup/Administration tab, go to the Maintenance task group and you should notice that the Shutdown icon now reads Terminate Shutdown.
  6. Click on the Terminate Shutdown icon to cancel the shutdown; otherwise, the shutdown will proceed.