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Professional Edition- Grant Access

NOTE: This is available for ServicePRO Professional Edition Only


This section shows you how to grant access or assign privileges to existing users or teams in ServicePRO. For example, you can allow users to dispatch requests, work as support reps, generate reports, and control user access within ServicePRO.

How to Assign Privileges to a User or a Team in Professional Edition

  1. Navigate to backstage Menu by clicking on ServicePRO Menu option.
  2. From the Management tab, click on Manage Users / Manage Teams Option.
  3. Select a user / Team for to grant the access and click on 'Grant Access' button.

The user or team selected will appear at the top of this form. Select the roles you wish to grant to this user or team.
Once you have selected the roles you wish to grant, click on the save icon.

Grant Access- Professional Edition

Roles and Description

Please review the Roles / Privileges and their description at Roles and Index

Assigning Support Rep Privileges in Professional Edition

As soon as you assign the Support Rep privilege to a user or team, you will be presented with the following window:

Assign Support Rep to Queues

From here you can drag and drop selected queues to the Assigned Queue Folder pane. This will assign the Support Rep role for the specific queues to the user. Click on Save when complete.

To assign Support reps or Teams to Queues, please verify the section Assign Support Reps or Teams to Queues