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Customizing Views for Searching ServicePRO Objects

When you are working within objects, each ribbon for each object contains a Manage Search feature.

Users can further customize these ServicePRO searches to show the information pertinent to the environment. In addition, it is possible to set default search filters for future searches.

To begin navigating navigate to a ServicePRO object, go to File >Setup Administration > ServicePRO objects. Open the object that to be managed, such as Manage Companies.

How to Customize your Search Windows:

For each search window, the following options will be available under the Manage Search section of a toolbar:

Set Current Search Filter as Default

By default, Name is the selected filter used to search for any ServicePRO object.

If your preference is to search by a different filter, you can select this via the Search drop-down. In the example below, Email Address can be selected as the preferred search filter when searching for a user. If you would like future searches to begin with this filter instead of Name, then click on the Set Current Search Filter as Default button. In the future, the default search filter your selection will be the default search filter of Name.

Restore Default Search Filter If you have specified a different search filter as your default for this search window, you can restore it to name by selecting the Restore System Default Search Filter option.

Customize Search Display Properties

For any search window, a standard set of columns/object properties will appear for a search listing. In the example below, when searching for a user, the following properties will appear by default:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name/Organizational Unit
  • Telephone
  • Extension
  • Fax

To remove or add user properties to appear for future searches, click on the Customize Search Display Properties option and the following window will appear: Select or de-select the properties you want to see for future user searches. For example, if you do not require the extension or fax properties for this user to appear for searches, you can uncheck these options in the list. If you wish to add other options, check the option under the display column.

Click OK to exit this window. The search window will refresh with your selected user properties as columns in the grid (as shown below):

All future searches for a user in ServicePRO will appear with the selected user properties.

Restore System Search Display Properties

If you would like the restore the default object properties to appear in a search window, select the Restore System Search Display Properties option.