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Find a Support Rep

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Find a Support Rep allows you to locate a Support Rep from the Management Views for In Service and Timesheet. Searching for Support Reps is also available from the Find option on the ServicePRO Workbench.

Ribbon Toolbar

The Ribbon Toolbar features Create, Manage (Search), Properties, History and Manage Search functionality.


  • New User: Add a new user or support rep in ServicePRO.


  • Set Current Search Filter as Default: By default, name is the selected filter used to search for a ServicePRO object. By selecting this option, you can choose another filter as your default for future searches.
  • Restore Default Search Filter: Set the search filter to the system default (name).
  • Customize Search Display Properties: Select the user properties to be viewed when performing a search.
  • Restore System Search Display Properties: Set the user properties to the system default.

Define Criteria

Define search criteria to obtain a listing of Users which you wish to find. Search by User name, telephone, location, etc.).
  • Search
  • Match
  • Value


Support Rep Name Listing/Search Result Listing

When this window is first opened, a list will be populated with all Support Reps that currently exist in ServicePRO. However, you can enter in search criteria to narrow down the listing to Users you wish to view. Each Support Rep’s name, job quota and max pick values will be listed. At the bottom left hand corner, a count of how many users have been listed is displayed.