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Manage Teams and End User Groups

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ServicePRO teams allow you to group users together to not only simplify role assignment but provide the ability to set team ownership on a request.

Adding Teams

Complete the following steps to manually add Teams to ServicePRO.

  1. Navigate to Setup/Administration screen.
  2. From the ServicePRO Objects tab, click on the Manage Teams and End User Groups option.
  3. Click on the New Team icon on the ribbon toolbar. The New Team window opens. See the figure below.

    Add/Update Team.

  4. In the Name field, enter the team’s name
  5. To add users to this team, click on the Add User button.
  6. This will open the "Manage Users" screen. From here you can select a user to add by double clicking on their name.
  7. To remove a user from this team, highlight the member you wish to remove and click on the Remove User button.

Saving the Team

Click the Save icon in the top left Toolbar to save the new team. A prompt will indicate that the team has been created. It will ask if you want to create another team.

Searching and Managing Existing Teams

Users with the “ServicePRO Administrator” role can add, update, or de-activate a team as needed.

  1. From the ServicePRO Objects tab, click on the Manage Teams and End User Groups option.
  2. The Team window appears as shown below.
    Add/Manage ServicePRO Team.

  3. In the Define Criteria work area, select criteria from the Search and Match drop-down lists and enter a value in the Value field to help you narrow the search results below.
    For example, entering:
  4. Search: “Name”
    Match: “Contains”
    Value: “Admin”
    … tells the system to search for all teams whose names include the name “Admin.”
  5. Click on the Find button. The search results will be displayed in the table.
  6. Select the team you need to update or modify. Users can single-click the team name and select any of the ribbon toolbar from the manage grouping: ‘Update’, ‘Grant Access’, ‘Deactivate’, and ‘Export’.
  • Update – This will allow you to update the team properties. You can add or remove users from the team.
  • Grant Access – This will allow you to assign permissions for this team. These permissions will be assigned to all members in the team. It is a good way to quickly assign similar permissions to a group of users.
  • Deactivate – This will deactivate the team. The team will no longer be usable but can be re-activated if you need it in the future.
  • Export – This will export the listing of the teams from your search result to an excel worksheet.
    • Double-clicking on that team’s name will open the team properties in a new tab.

Team Properties

The Team Properties view displays the team name and all the members of the team.

Add/Manage Team Properties

The Manage Team ribbon toolbar located at the top contains:

  1. Update – This will allow you to update the team.
  2. Print – This will print the team properties. You can either print or save the properties to a PDF document.
  3. Output to Text File – Will allow you to save the team properties to the text file.