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The Purge feature is a utility that helps you reduce the size of your database by permanently deleting old requests. Using the Purge utility requires “ServicePRO Administrator” privileges.

WARNING: We strongly recommend that you back up your ServicePRO database before running the Purge function. When the requests are deleted, they are removed completely from the ServicePRO database and cannot be re-activated.

After you have backed up your database and are certain that you are ready to purge your system of old requests, complete the following steps:

Using the Purge Utility

  1. Prior to using this (or any) ServicePRO utility, be sure that you have backed up your database
  2. From the Workbench screen, select ‘Setup/Administration’
  3. From the Administration tab, click on the Purge icon.

  4. Select a date on the calendar. All requests before this date will be deleted permanently.
  5. Click on the Purge button.
  6. ServicePRO will ask: “Are you sure you want to purge all the closed requests prior to <date>?"
  7. Ensure the date is correct then click on the Yes button.
  8. When the purge is complete, ServicePRO will confirm: “All requests closed prior to (the date you selected) are purged.”
    Your database size will decrease, and the purged requests will no longer exist.
  9. Click on the OK button to close the dialog box.

Purge by Folder

The Purge by Folder feature is similar to the standard Purge functionality. This utility will help you reduce the size of your database by permanently deleting old requests by folders instead of specified date ranges.

You can select to purge only closed requests or all of the requests that are in the folder. Using the Purge by Folder utility requires “ServicePRO Administrator” privileges. Please be sure to backup the database before running this utility. Purged requests cannot be recovered once they have been removed from the database.