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Service Design

Interactive User Interface

To design Custom Service Requests and templates in the Interactive interface, open the Backstage menu, and select the Design tab.

Workbench User Interface

To design Custom Service Requests & Templates in the Workbench interface, select the Setup/Administration tile, and then select the Design Tab.

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Custom Forms

What? The benefit of custom forms is that they contain information that is precisely tailored to your needs. When you design custom forms, you are creating templates for these objects, and specifying how they will be used and behave in the future – what data they will contain, and how it will be organized and presented

Why? Every enterprise has different processes and procedures. The Custom Forms Designer allows enterprise to customize objects like requests or assets to collect important and relevant information to build their workflows and projects while building a robust content management system

Project Templates

What? The Project Template Designer allows you to create predefined project templates that can be used and reused to manage multi-task activities, such as setting up and provisioning new employees, change requests like upgrading servers, and more.

Why? In a service-oriented environment like the IT service desk, tasks are often comprised of sub-tasks, and may be both independent of each other as well as interdependent on one another. For example, two tasks may be performed by different people at different times, but one task relies on output of another task. Templates can (and should) be used for many non-IT business processes, like employee recruitment, performance reviews, marketing initiatives, and more.


What? Templates allows you to create service request templates with pre-defined settings

Why? Templates can be used for commonly used request types and allow you to input workflow settings for quicker handling of requests

Canned Responses

What? Canned Responses allows you to create, edit or delete templates of predefined text that privileged users can insert into request memos and emails

Why? Canned Responses can be used to quickly answer commonly asked questions with predefined text for a faster response time