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Assign Support Reps or Teams to Queues

NOTE: This is available for ServicePRO Professional Edition Only


This option will allow you assign Support Reps or Teams to queue folders. To best meet the needs of your help desk, match a team’s or rep’s skills required to service a specific queue.
Assign Support Reps to Queues

Queue Folders

The LHS in the above screenshot is the 'All Queue' folders section. It displays a list of all queues and sub-queues. It will also display a list of teams or individual users assigned to the queue.

Support Rep or Teams

The RHS in the above screenshot is the 'All Support Reps/Teams' section. It displays listing of all users or teams with the Support Rep Privilege. If the user or team has already been assigned to queue, you can expand their name selection to show all the queues they are assigned to.
If the Support Rep privilege was assigned directly to a team, only the team name will appear here. To have a Support Rep name appear in this view, you must assign the Support Rep privilege directly to this user. For more information, see Assigning Privileges to Users

How to Assign a Support Rep or Team to a Queue:

  • To assign a rep or team to a specific queue, simply click on the Rep/Team name, drag and drop it to the queue folder which you would like the rep/team to be assigned to.
    Note: You can also drag the queue name to the support rep/team name.

  • Once you have completed your queue assignment, select Save to ensure the changes take effect.

Teams and Support Reps assignment