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ServicePRO Web Direct Authentication using POST


ServicePRO Web now has the ability to accept HTTP POST requests for allowing users to log in directly into the portal. This may be helpful if wanting to bypass the login form when the user is already logged in via another system.

Setup Steps

No setup is required on the ServicePRO Web portal. The login page will automatically parse any correct incoming POST values and login the user if the username/password values are correct.

The following sample key/values can be used to login a user. Please note that the ones marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

  1. UserID - Default value is 0
  2. TimeZoneOffset - The timezone offset in minutes, (ex. -240 is UTC -4 hours)
  3. LanguageID* - [en,es,fr,sl,de]
  4. Email* - The user name or email address used for login
  5. ADUsername - The AD name if using a domain to login
  6. Password* - The user password
  7. SelectedDomainID* - The domain selection. 0 is the first option, 'ServicePRO' login.
  8. SelectedDomainName* - The domain name or 'ServicePRO' if using ServicePRO authentication.
  9. RememberMe - Option to select the checkbox, true or false.

Any method capable of sending an HTTP POST can work with the ServicePRO Web login. This can be an.aspx webpage or custom web application.