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Custom Fields in ServicePRO Web


Custom Fields allow users to enter Additional Information apart from the base request/best solution fields.

Custom Fields are available for all different type of objects like Service Requests, Best Solutions, Users, Companies etc., In ServicePRO Web, while adding or updating service request / purchase request / Best solution of Custom type, ‘Custom Fields’ tab (the label for this tab can be customized) will be made available to fill out the data for the custom fields that belong to the specific selected custom type.

  • Requests – Add/ Update with Custom Fields
  • Best Solutions – Add/Update/View with Custom Fields

Custom Fields Tab in ServicePRO Web

ServicePRO and ServicePRO Web‘s Custom Fields (LINK) tabs share the same features and functionality, with some differences in the User Interface.

In ServicePRO Web, Responsive Web Design (see: has been taken into consideration when arranging and placing fields in the Custom Fields tab, in order to accommodate different devices and browsers. To achieve this:

  • The application will use the "Left" and "Top" properties for each Custom Field as a guideline for positioning the fields in the tab. Fields will be arranged on the grid based on their row and column values.
  • The application will determine field order by sorting fields by their “Left” and “Top” property values in each tab.
  • The exact “Left” and “Top” property values for each field will be used in ServicePRO, but will not be used for exact positioning in the ServicePRO Web interface.
    • The application will place the fields as close as possible to the field positions designated in the Object Designer.

Resized Window Display

Resizing browser windows will also determine the number of fields displayed per row. Fields will automatically be wrapped based on the size of the browser window:

  • Large Screens - Maximum of 4 fields per row
  • Medium Screens - Maximum of 2 fields per row
  • Small Screens (i.e. tablets) - Maximum of 2 fields per row
  • Extra Small Screen (i.e. mobile devices) - One field per row

Image samples:

Custom Field Placeholder text

Custom Field text placeholders will change based on the following criteria:

  • If the Field Caption contains text entered by users, this text will be used as a placeholder.
  • If the Field Caption does not contain user-entered text, the default, pre-defined Type name will be used to form the placeholder for the field. Default placeholder text is listed below:

Data TypeDefault Placeholder Value
DatetimePlease enter a valid datetime value
DatePlease enter a valid date value
DecimalPlease enter a valid decimal value
Mask InputPlease enter a valid masked value
NumericPlease enter a valid numeric value
TextPlease enter a valid text value
Mask InputPlease input value based on the Mask
Radio buttonPlease select a value from the radio button field
Drop DownPlease select a value

Additional Details

  • When the user hovers over the custom fields, tooltips will be displayed. If the field has a Field Description, it will be shown as a tooltip. Otherwise, the Field Caption will be shown as tooltip.
  • Custom Fields will display placeholder text if the value is empty. Placeholders are formed using Field Captions / Field Type names as appropriate.
  • If a field features searchable values, potential values will appear in an auto-completing box.
    • For Category and Folder lookup fields, users may be prompted to type more than one letter to begin entering values into the field, or search for predefined conditions for the search phrase.
    • For Category and OU/Folder lookup fields, users will be prompted to select a value from a Category/OU/Folder
  • UI properties such as font and color will be applied to fields as designed in object designer in ServicePRO.
  • Spellcheck functionality is available in Custom Fields. Spellcheck occurs automatically while users enter text into the text fields.


The following limitations are currently present for Custom Fields in ServicePRO Web:

Visual Rendering and Positioning

  • Vertical Lines and Borders will not be rendered.
  • The absolute position of fields or graphical elements cannot be applied when rendering the fields.
  • Exact stated Height and Width of the fields cannot be applied at this time.

Masked Input Controls

Date / Date Time Mask

  • The mask will not be shown as placeholder when the field is empty.
  • The application will use the regular Date/Datetime picker controls to enter the value for the field.
  • However, whenever the user selects the Date/Datetime, it will be automatically validated against the mask and display the field content after applying the mask.

IP Address, MAC Address, Email Address

  • The mask will not be shown as a placeholder when the field is empty
  • The application will use a regular Text Field when entering the value for the field. Whenever the user enters value in the field, it will be automatically validated against the mask.