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ServicePRO Web - Enable Single Sign-on

Enable Single-Sign-on In ServicePRO Web

  1. In order to enable Windows Login on ServicePRO Web Portal, please follow the instructions below.

  2. Note: Only Privileged Users are able to Modify Portal Designer.

  3. Login to ServicePRO Web Portal as a Privilege User.
  4. Click on Portal Designer from the Left Pane and select on General:

    Portal Desinger

  5. From the Sign in Tab, Enable "Allow User to sign in using Windows Login Account" and Save.

    Windows Login Account

  6. Once the change has been made, IIS reset has to be performed on the ServicePRO Web Server.

  7. Launch ServicePRO Web Portal, click on Windows Icon to log back in to the portal without having to put in credentials manually.
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