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ServicePRO Web Support Portal - Audit Workstation

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This function allows users to run an audit of the workstation. This audit will discover and then display all hardware and software installed on your workstation.

NOTE: ServicePRO ServicePRO Web's Audit Workstation functionality is currently only supported with Internet Explorer. Upcoming releases of ServicePRO Web will extend this function to accommodate other browsers.


To begin using Audit Workstation, the HelpSTAR IE Web Audit Cab plugin must be installed. Prior to that, instructions will be provided for installation of the plugin, as shown below:


  1. The plugin can be downloaded off the Download link on ServicePRO Web’s Audit Workstation page, or from this location:
  2. Launch the installer, and click OK. Click on Run to proceed with the installation.
    If Users are using IE, they may be prompted to install the plugin automatically from the page. Click Install to proceed.

  3. Exit ServicePRO ServicePRO Web for all changes to take effect.
  4. Re-launch ServicePRO ServicePRO Web, and access the Audit My Workstation option.

Scanning Workstation

When installation is complete, return to the Audit Workstation page. Select “Click here to scan your workstation” to begin an audit of the workstation.

This will return details on your current workstation, including:

  • Summary
  • Device Driver
  • Disk Drives
  • Printers
  • Comm. Settings
  • Software

Workstation Detail Tabs

Summary Tab - Provides Hardware, Network and Operating system details:
  • Device Driver Tab - Provides Version, Vendor, Date and Name for drivers on your system.
  • Disk Drives Tab - Provides data on installed Hard Drives.
  • Printers Tab - Provides information on all available printers.
  • Comm. Settings Tab - provide data on all discovered Communications Ports.
  • Software Tab - provides data on discovered software.