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User Email Accounts

User Email Accounts Overview

You must configure the User Email Accounts settings to:

  • Enable ServicePRO’s Email Inbox feature.
  • Allow Support Reps to send email from their local accounts while updating a request.
  • Allow administrators to send the access code for their ServicePRO licenses.

Mail Server Settings

  1. From the Configuration tab, click on the "User Email Accounts" option.
  2. Click on the "Mail Server Settings" icon to open the Configure User Email Settings window, as shown below.
    Mail Server Settings
  3. ServicePRO allows you to configure multiple email servers. Click on the New icon found just above the Configure Server(s) list.
  4. Complete the Mail Server’s Settings form or each specific mail server.
  5. Give each server a unique Configuration Name.
  6. Click on the appropriate radio button to select whether the email system is POP3/SMTP, EWS (Exchange Web Services) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server:
    1. POP3/SMTP - Specify the POP3/SMTP server names. If you are using the default settings for the server ports and domain, do not enter information into these fields.
    2. EWS - Simply select EWS and enter the ESW URL. When "EWS" server type is selected, a new field "EWS Authentication Kind" shows up. This field has two options to choose from "Basic” and “OAUTH 2.0". By default, “Basic” EWS Authentication Kind is selected. When ‘OAuth 2.0’ is selected for EWS Authentication Kind, ServicePRO accesses the user’s mailboxes using the OAuth 2.0 authentication method, by utilizing the App ID, Tenant ID and Client Secret entered in the CONFIG files.
    3. IMAP - Specify the SMTP server name and port, IMAP server name and port along with other requirements for accessing the server.
  7. Click on the Save icon just above the Configure Server(s) list to save the changes for each specific email server you configure.
  8. Click on the Save icon in the Toolbar when you are done configuring all your email servers.

Configuring User Email Accounts

  1. From File > Setup/Administration, go to the Configuration tab and click on User Email Accounts. The Configure User Email Settings window appears as shown below.
    Support Rep Email Account Settings
  2. Select the Support Rep whose email account you want to configure.
  3. Enter your Support Reps' local email account information in the Email Account Properties work area. The fields in this area might already be populated with this information:
    1. It can be entered when adding a user (from the Email work area of the User Information: Logins tab)
    2. It can be entered by the Support Reps themselves from their personal user options.
  4. Click on the Test Account Settings button to check the settings.